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Hiking trails Moraira-Tuelada
·  Always take water with you;
·  Wear appropriate footwear;
·  Follow the indicated route;
·  Throw away waste in the appropriate waste bins;
·   Do not light a fire and respect nature!
Hike 1


From the street Calle Calvo Sotelo in Teulada you will go to the road of Castellons. On this route you will find the mill Moli dels Castellons, the only windmill left of the five that existed in the 19th century, with impressive panoramic views.

Hike 2

La font L'horta - Benimarco

During this tour you can discover the typical mansions and farms of this region. From Plaza Jaume I square in Teulada you take Calle Benarrisc. Here you will find the start of the river path that takes you along the river bed to the Font de I'Horta. This is a natural spring in a quiet environment. The Cami del Boticari road takes you to the Cami del Pouet de Moro road. From this point you will go to the road from Teulada to Benimarco until you arrive at the rural farmhouse of Benissa and Teulada.

Hike 3

Font Santa

From Teulada you will find the Cami de Les Rotgetes road towards Moraira and you continue along the Cami de la Sisca road. This quiet route takes you to the Font de La Jana, a source where the original watering place has been preserved. Crossing the track you will reach the Font Santa, a place of pilgrimage that owes its origins to a miracle performed by San Vicente Ferrer. Next to the well is a chapel from the 19th century. 

Hike 4


From Teulada you will follow the Cami del Pas road, on foot or by car, a pleasant route on which you can discover typical buildings of the La Marina Alta region: the riurau's. In addition, here you will see the traditional terrace construction of the vine and the almond tree. In Calle Benimarfull street, you will be surprised by one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the region. You continue through Calle Beniganim street and Cami de Fanadix road, where you can fully enjoy the scenery. This is how you eventually arrive at the sea, in the Cala Andrago creek.  

Hike 5

Vall de les Sortes

Along this valley runs a hiking trail, parallel to the Cami de La Camarrocha road, Calle Guadalajara and the intersection of Calle Gerona. The road from Teulada to Moraira passes this valley which is declared a protected natural area. 

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